Laptop Keyboard For HP ZBOOK 15G3 15G4 17G3 17G4 848311-291 848244-291 With Backlight and Pointing Stick JAPAN JP

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Item Description:新品ノートパソコンキーボード互換HP ZBOOK 15 G3 15 G4 17 G3 17 G4 848311-291 848244-291フレームなし黑バックライト付き
Item Condition: 新しい
Item Color: 黑
Warranty: 3ヶ月
Keyboard Language: 日本語 Japanese JP
P/N :848311-291

P/N :848244-291


Compatible models:
For HP i5-6440HQ i7-6700HQ i7-6820HQ E3-1505M E3-1535M i7-7700HQ i7-7820HQ E3-1545 E3-1505 i5-6440HQ i7-6700HQ i7-6820HQ i5-6440HQ i7-6700HQ i7-6820HQ E3-1505 E3-1535 E3-1575 i5-6440HQ i7-6700HQ

i7-6820HQ i5-6440HQ i7-6700HQ i7-6820HQ E3-1505M E3-1535M i7-7820HQ i5-7300HQ i5-7440HQ i7-7700HQ

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90 days of warranty